Click on the above link to register as a new student at North Central.

Mark Your Calendars! School Picture Days are next week!

September 21: Pre-School through 4th grade
September 22: 5th grade through 11th grade
27: Grade 12
Each student will be given a QR code to take home after they are photographed. Parents/guardians can use this code to register for notifications. The link will take you to an online viewing/purchasing site. There will be numerous backgrounds to choose from in a variety of colors. School pictures can be shipped to the school for free or you can opt to ship them to your home. Please direct any questions to Lori Moore at Visions Photography via email:

Curriculum and Critical Race Theory Update (07.29.21)

Discounted Broadband Benefit for Families

Help for Low-Income Households to Pay for Internet Service

I-Ready Family Guide Videos: Family Guidance / Diagnostic Data for Families

Medical Information from School Nurse

Mobile Dentist - No Cost for Students
The Mobile Dentist will again be visiting North Central on November 8 and 9. Click HERE for more details about this free service. To sign up your child by Sept. 26, click HERE.

Pay Schools (Cafeteria Online Payment)

PowerSchool / Grades / Student Forms
**Parents of all NC students in grades K-12 need to log into your Parent PowerSchool/Grades/Forms to complete the online forms before the start of each school year. (The link can be found by clicking here or is listed directly above.) This process is replacing the gold forms students usually bring home at the beginning of the school year. If you have questions or need a password reset, please reach out to Becky Renfer (419.737.2293) for help with elementary students or Kendra Smeltzer (419.737.2366) for help with junior high and high school students.

Pioneer Community Local Area - Visitor Bureau