Focus 3

Core Values 


The core value of connections is built on the foundation of transparency, where individuals communicate openly and honestly. This transparency extends beyond words to actions that align with those words. When people consistently demonstrate transparency and ensure their actions match their promises, trust naturally emerges as a result.

In personal relationships, transparency fosters deeper connections by creating an environment of openness and understanding. When individuals share their thoughts, feelings, and intentions honestly, it builds trust and strengthens the bond between them.

In professional settings, transparency is essential for building trust among colleagues, students, and community. When organizations are transparent about their practices, policies, and decision-making processes, they earn the trust of their stakeholders.

Overall, the core value of connections through transparency and actions matching words leads to the outcome of trust, which is vital for establishing and maintaining healthy connections, both personally and professionally.


The core value of growth is exemplified by behaviors such as active listening and stepping outside one's comfort zone. These behaviors lead to the outcome of being Elite, which is the best version of you.

Active listening is essential for growth as it allows individuals to truly understand different perspectives, learn from others, and adapt their own beliefs and behaviors. By actively listening, one can gain valuable insights and knowledge that contribute to personal and professional development.

Stepping outside your comfort zone is another crucial aspect of growth. Growth often occurs when individuals challenge themselves and take on new and unfamiliar experiences. By pushing past their comfort zones, individuals can expand their skills, knowledge, and capabilities, ultimately leading to improved performance.

When individuals consistently demonstrate these behaviors of active listening and stepping outside their comfort zones, they are more likely to achieve high performance in their chosen fields. They continually seek improvement, embrace challenges, and strive for excellence, setting themselves apart from others.


The core value of accountability is exemplified by behaviors such as owning your actions and being solution-oriented. These behaviors lead to the outcome of being NC strong, where individuals take responsibility for their actions and work towards finding solutions to challenges.

Owning your actions is about taking responsibility for the consequences of your choices and behaviors. It involves acknowledging mistakes, learning from them, and taking steps to make amends. When individuals own their actions, they demonstrate integrity and strengthen trust with others.

Being solution-oriented means focusing on finding solutions rather than dwelling on events. It involves being proactive, creative, and resourceful in seeking ways to overcome obstacles. When individuals are solution-oriented, they demonstrate resilience and drive towards achieving their goals.

When individuals consistently demonstrate these behaviors of owning their actions and being solution-oriented, they embody the core value of accountability. They are proactive in addressing challenges, take ownership of their outcomes, and work towards finding constructive solutions. This mindset and approach lead to the outcome of being NC strong, where individuals are resilient, adaptable, and empowered to overcome any obstacle.