School Facility Dog:
Meet mort 

We are happy to have our school facility dog, Mort. He brings joy to our students, staff, and community members each day. Students, preschool through 12th grade, enjoy time with Mort. Mort also attends extra-curricular activities.

Mort is a service dog who is placed at NC as a school facility dog. Mort came to North Central from The Ability Center in Sylvania, Ohio, where he was trained to be a service do. This means that he is trained both as a service dog and a school facility dog. Here is the difference between some types of working dogs...

*Service Dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities. 

*Skilled companion dogs (formerly therapy dogs) offer support and companionship to children and adults.

*School therapy dogs are pets who belong to an individual (usually their handler) and who have been evaluated and registered by a therapy dog credentialing organization.

*School facility dogs are a category of working dogs who belong to the school where they are placed. During their workdays, school facility dogs work alongside trained primary and secondary handlers to provide mental health, academic, and social support to students and staff within their school.

*Information has been provided by the following: https://ability