Testing Information

End-of-Course (EOC) Exams:

Ohio's State Tests measure student progress toward Ohio's Learning Standards. Classes of 2023 and beyond will take English Language Arts II, Algebra I, Geometry, Biology, American History, and American Government End-of-Course tests. Students must earn a raw score of 684 on Algebra 1 and English Language Arts II tests. The other tests may be counted toward graduation seals.


The ACT is now accepted by virtually all colleges in the U.S.  The questions on the ACT are directly related to what you have learned in your high school courses in English, including Reading, as well as Math and Science.

In addition, the ACT offers a 30-minute writing test as an optional component to the ACT.  The ACT Writing Test complements the English test.  The combined information from both tests tells colleges about a student’s understanding of the conventions of standard written English and ability to produce a direct sample of writing.  Students will receive a score ranging from 1 to 36 that reflects their performance on the wlish tests combined, along with a writing test subscore and individualized feedback on the essay.  Not all colleges require the writing test; check the schools you are interested in to see what they require.

Registration:  Click here to register online. It’s fast and easy.  The North Central code is 364180  You can take the test in Bryan, Defiance, or Hillsdale. The basic registration fee is $63.00 and includes score reports for you, Hicksville and up to four colleges.  Additional reports cost $16.00 each.  The fee for the writing test is $88.00. Please note that if you qualify for free and reduced lunches, this fee may be waived. Forms can be obtained from the guidance office. There is free practice for the ACT in Bryan. See below for more practice sites.

Upcoming ACT Test Dates:

February 11, 2023 (Register  before January 6.)

April 15, 2023 (Register before March 10.)

ACT Test Preparation:

ACT Mobile Apps

ACT Test Preparation

Eprep ACT Test Preparation

High Five Scholarships Free ACT practice tests

March 2 Success Free ACT Test Prep

Peterson's Free Practice ACT Tests
Prep Factory

Reviews.com (This site offers a comparison of ACT and SAT preparation courses.)

Sylvan Learning Center


Like the ACT, the SAT Reasoning Test is accepted by all colleges in the U.S.  It tests student’s knowledge of subjects that are necessary for college success:  reading, writing and mathematics.  It assesses how well you analyze and solve problems, which are skills you learned over time through the work you have done in school and on your own.  The test provides an independent measure of your readiness for college and ability to succeed academically. The SAT consists of a verbal section, a math section, and a reading section, and takes approximately 3 3/4 hours to complete. SAT scores are expressed in a range of 200 to 800.  Students can find testing dates, locations, fees, fee waiver eligibility, and register here for the SAT. North Central’s code is 364180.  Make copies of your completed registration form for ease in registering to take the test again. The basic registration fee for the SAT test is $60.00 and includes scores for you, North Central and up to four colleges.  Additional reports are $12.00 each. Please note that if you qualify for free and reduced lunches, this fee may be waived. Forms can be obtained from the guidance office.

Upcoming SAT Test Dates:

March 11, 2023

May 6, 2023


Another way students can gain practice experience that may help them perform better on college entrance exams is by taking the PSAT test (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). The PSAT/NMSQT is given in the fall of each year to college-bound juniors.  Its purpose is threefold:  to give experience in testing and testing procedures, to furnish an SAT prediction score and to qualify for scholarship aid through the National Merit program.  For juniors, the results of NMSQT portion of the PSAT test determine eligibility for the National Merit Scholarship Program.


The PSAT/NMSQT test is in multiple choice format and consists of a critical reading section, a math section, and a writing skills section.  The final test scores are expressed in a range of 20 to 80.  The test takes approximately 2 1/4 hours to complete, and costs approximately $18.00. Registration is made available through the guidance office. Click here for more information.

PSAT Test Preparation:

High Five Scholarships Free Practice ACT tests


March 2 Success Free SAT Prep

Peterson's Free Practice SAT Tests

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